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Launched in June 2018, ‘ClickWala’ is a free classified Ads portal in India giving access to individuals and businesses to buy/sell products and services. The site also lists out the latest deals and discounts from online shops all over India.

Word of warning:

Copying or mimicking the look and feel, functionalities or design concept of ‘ClickWala’ or reproducing any section of this website on either similar sounding domain names (variants) or offline businesses in India or elsewhere is criminal offence and breach of our copyright and intellectual property rights.

Registering the domain ‘ClickWala’ with extension or variant other than the associated domains listed below or transferring ownership of such domain(s) to another person after June 2018 will be considered as domain squatting. We would assume such activity as an act of undermining our online business.

You should seek legal advice before using such domain for services similar to the ones we offer, if you had registered the same before June 2018.


ClickWala Team